And when ye shall receive these things, I would exhort you that ye would ask God the Eternal Father, in the name of Christ, if these things are not true;  - Moroni 10:4

The Book of Mormon

In the eighteenth chapter of Matthew, the Lord Jesus Christ shared an important principle of the Gospel, saying, “in the mouth of two or three witnesses every word may be established.” [Matthew 18:16, Deuteronomy 17:6 and 19:15]. This principle has always been true.

The Book of Mormon is a secondary witness of Jesus Christ. Its purpose, in part, is to bring to light the covenants of God, to restore the plain and precious parts of the Gospel that have been lost, and to establish the truth of the Bible. “For it [the Book of Mormon] persuadeth them to do good…and it speaketh of Jesus, and persuadeth them to believe in Him, and to endure to the end, which is life eternal.  And it speaketh harsh against sin, according to the plainness of the truth.” [2 Nephi 15:5-6].

Below is a video series concerning the book of Mormon by Elder Bob Bobbitt. It is designed both for those who are familiar with the book and for those who are seeking to know if these things are true or not true.

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